Oban Releases

Web v2.7.0

Enhanced Search Syntax

Job search has a new advanced syntax that lets you limit searches to particular fields, use negated queries, look for exact matches, and navigate into structured fields like args and meta.

Here are a few examples to show what’s possible:

  • alpha in:worker — only look within worker for “alpha”
  • alpha -omega in:tags,meta — look for “alpha” and not “omega” within tags or meta fields
  • business in:args.account.plan — dig into the account and plan maps within args to look for “business”
  • a1b2c3d4e5 in:meta.workflow_id — look for an exact workflow id

See the new searching guide for more examples.

Push State Navigation

Navigation, filtering, and search now use push-state for navigation. This makes it possible to deep-link into job details, save searches for later, or to share filter combinations with co-workers.

Web v2.7.1


  • Add id: qualifier for id and multiple id based searching.

Bug Fixes

  • Guard agaisnt empty params on initial render when the dashboard is re-mounted.

Web v2.7.2


  • Upgrade minimum Phoenix Live View dependency to 0.16.

Web v2.7.3


  • Expose documented, but unfortunately hidden, socket_path option.

    The socket path is no longer hard coded as /live. It is now possible to configure an alternate path when mounting the dashboard.

Bug Fixes

  • Guard against nil global limit when calculating sidebar stats.

Web v2.7.4

Bug Fixes

  • Safely assign state from params when re-mounting to prevent a missing key error.