Robust job processing for Elixir

Oban is a background job system packed with enterprise grade features, real-time monitoring with Oban Web, and complex workflow management with Oban Pro.

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Oban is a background job system built on modern PostgreSQL and SQLite3 with the primary goals of reliability, consistency and observability. Thousands of Elixir applications rely on Oban to coordinate their async workloads.

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Oban Pro

Oban Pro is a collection of plugins, workers and extensions that improve Oban's reliability and simplifies difficult workflows. Like Web, it is provided as a separate package available through a paid license.

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Oban Web

Oban Web is a view of Oban's inner workings that you host directly within your application. Powered by Phoenix Live View, it is extremely lightweight and continuously updated. It is provided in a separate package that is available through a paid license.

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Trusted by hundreds of elixir-powered companies…

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Justin Johnson

“Oban Pro has been an absolute delight. There are so many nice touches in Web for keeping tabs on the queues. As a customer, I feel confident that this vital piece of application infrastructure is actively cared for.”

Derrick Reimer
Jesse Cooke

“We 100% couldn't have put our new, monolithic ETL into production without Oban and Pro. FLAME + Oban is actually a dream. Basically, every time we double down on the BEAM, we win.”

Christopher Grainger
Steven Hamblin

“Oban Pro took our CSV upload processing from serial to parallel in a couple of days. At a point I dreaded, I discovered that the Relay plugin already anticipated my use case. Five minutes later, it's working.”

Steven Hamblin

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Check how open source Oban's features compare with the powerful introspection of Web and the plugins, workers and enhancements of Pro.

OSS Web Pro
Isolated Queues
Priority Queues
Scheduled Jobs
Unique Jobs
Bulk Unique Jobs
Periodic Jobs
Timed Jobs
Graceful Shutdown
Orphan Rescue
Global Concurrency
Rate Limiting
Encrypted Jobs
Structured Args
Recorded Jobs
Worker Hooks
Horizontal Auto-Scaling
Dynamic Pruning
Dynamic Cron
Dynamic Queues
Dynamic Priorities
Distributed Async/Await
Live Inspection
Web Filtering
Batch Actions
Queue Controls
Historic Metrics
Web Searching
Access Controls
License Apache 2.0 Commercial Commercial
Sponsor Open Source No Yes Yes
Dedicated Support No Yes Yes