Monitor Oban Jobs in Real Time

A web interface for Oban, the persistent job queue for Elixir

What is Oban UI?

Oban UI is web view of Oban's inner workings that you host directly within your Phoenix application. Powered by Phoenix Live View, it is extremely lightweight and continuously updated without any polling.

Why is it a Beta?

The UI is missing some important features, has some known bugs and definitely needs polishing. That will take time, and we want to ensure that the initial users are willing to give meaningful and helpful feedback.

How does the UI integrate into my app?

The package is named oban_web and it is a published privately under the oban organization on The package is entirely self contained—it doesn’t hook into your asset pipeline at all. Just mount the live module in your router, pass some configuration, run some migrations and its up.

Why is it Private?

We absolutely love Oban, adore working on it, and are stunned by the positive response it has received. The UI requires even more work to get right and make into a truly useful tool for production applications. This is something we want to focus on and give proper attention—eventually we hope to sustain the project and by charging for a UI license.

Oban itself will always be entirely open source. There will never be an “enterprise” version with gated features.

More Improvements on the Way

Oban UI is in beta—it is a work-in-progress that is balanced with the development of Oban OSS. Real time charts, graphs of historic metrics and much more are on the way.

All Mod Cons

Live Inspection

Monitor background job activity across all of your nodes in real time.

Composable Filtering

Sift through jobs instantly with any combination of queue, state, node, worker and other metadata.

Powerful Search

Intelligently search through job arguments instantly, with support for partial matches and auto-correction.

Detailed Inspection

View job details including when, where and how it was ran (or how it failed to run).

Batch Actions

Kill, delete and retry selected jobs or all jobs matching the current filters.

Queue Controls

Scale, pause, resume and stop queues across all running nodes with a couple of clicks.

Plus all the enterprise grade goodies built into Oban …

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