Oban Releases

Web v2.5.0

Web Resolver Behaviour

A new Oban.Web.Resolver behaviour module allows users to resolve the current user when loading the dashboard, apply per-user access controls and set per-user refresh rates.

defmodule MyApp.Resolver do
  @behaviour Oban.Web.Resolver

  @impl true
  def resolve_user(conn) do

  @impl true
  def resolve_access(user) do
    if user.admin? do
      [cancel_jobs: true, delete_jobs: true, retry_jobs: true]

  @impl true
  def resolve_refresh(_user), do: 1

Pass your Resolver callback to oban_dashboard in your router:

scope "/" do
  pipe_through :browser

  oban_dashboard "/oban", resolver: MyApp.Resolver

Viola, your dashboard now has per-user access controls! Now only admins can cancel, retry or delete jobs while other users can still monitor running jobs and check stats.

Telemetry Integration

The Oban.Web.Telemetry module adds events for instrumentation, logging, error reporting and activity auditing.

Action events are emitted whenever a user performs a write operation with the dashboard, e.g. pausing a queue, cancelling a job, etc. Web now ships with a log handler that you can attach to get full dashboard audit logging. Add this call at application start:


It will output structured JSON logs matching the format that Oban uses, including the user that performed the action:



  • Remove a hard dependency on oban_pro. If you rely on any Pro plugins be sure to specify an oban_pro dependency in your mix.exs.

  • Remove erroneous batch “Delete” action from states where it shouldn’t apply, e.g. executing.

  • Require confirmation before deleting jobs. Deleting is permanent and irreversible, unlike cancelling or other possible actions.

  • Optimize the query that calculates queue and state counts in the sidebar. With millions of jobs the query could take longer than the refresh rate, leading to problems.

Web v2.5.1

Bug Fixes

  • Conditionally increase max_attempts when bulk retrying jobs. The check constraint added by Oban 2.4.0 exposed a bug which made it impossible to retry jobs that had exhausted all available attempts.

Web v2.5.2


  • Restore a dependency on oban_pro, as removal broke the install flow for many applications that had an implicit dependency.

  • Bump the minimum oban version from v2.3 to v2.4 to enhance compatibility with oban_pro.

  • Bump the minimum Elixir version from v1.8 to v1.9, matching recent oban and oban_pro releases.