Oban Releases

Web v2.0.0


  • Upgrade to Oban 2.0.0, LiveView ~> 0.14, and add a dependency on Oban Pro 0.3.0.

  • Add simple load less/load more pagination for browsing through jobs

  • Move details view inline, eliminating modal sizing and scrolling issues

  • Display queue_time and run_time in the job details view

  • Restore worker filtering using auto-populated search terms

  • Introduce Oban.Web.Router for more convenient and flexible dashboard routing. The new module provides an oban_dashboard/2 macro, which prevents scoping mistakes and provides the foundation of better route support.

    Here is how to mount a dashboard at /oban with the new macro:

    defmodule MyAppWeb.Router do
      use Phoenix.Router
      import Oban.Web.Router
      scope "/", MyAppWeb do
        pipe_through [:browser]
        oban_dashboard "/oban"
  • Add bulk actions for all jobs in table view. It’s now possible to select one or more jobs in the table and then cancel, run, retry or delete them all.

  • Add a dropdown that controls the refresh rate of jobs and stats in the dashboard. Lowering the refresh rate can reduce query overhead, or pause updates entirely.

  • Expose pause/resume controls and a slider for scaling in the queue side bar.

  • Eliminate migrations. Migrations are no longer necessary for updates or full text searching. You may safely undo previous migrations.

  • Consider job tags along with args and worker name when searching.

  • More intelligent search using “and”, “or” and respecting parenthesis.

  • Consistently toggle filters on and off from the sidebar, rather than matching on a filter list in the header.