Oban Releases

Web v2.2.0


  • Support multiple isolated dashboards by providing an oban_name option to oban_dashboard/2 calls in the Phoenix router.

    For example, to mount dashboards for multiple Oban instances in an umbrella:

    defmodule MyAppWeb.Router do
      use Phoenix.Router
      import Oban.Web.Router
      scope "/", MyAppWeb do
        pipe_through [:browser]
        oban_dashboard "/oban/web", oban_name: MyWeb.Oban
        oban_dashboard "/oban/ops", oban_name: MyOps.Oban
        oban_dashboard "/oban/ingestion", oban_name: MyIngestion.Oban
  • Clicking anywhere on a job row now opens the details view. Previously only clicking the rightmost “expand” icon opened details, and clicking on the worker name would search for other jobs with the same worker. Now the rightmost “document search” icon performs a related job search.

  • Close the job details view when a user clicks a node name, job state, or queue name in the sidebar.

  • Prevent ugly overflow issues when there are long node or queue names in the sidebar. Note that the full name is still visible on hover.

Web v2.2.1

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent layout jumb between initial render and subsequent mount. This was caused by the lack of a closing tag that was later injected on DOM update.

  • Prevent bleeding events between nested components. The lack of a closing tag seemed to confuse event handling and allowed the wrong component to receive events.

  • Correct touch event handling in the sidebar for mobile devices.

Web v2.2.2


  • Upgrade Oban dependency to ~> 2.2.0 along with fixes for the move to Oban.Registry and Oban.Repo.

Web v2.2.3


  • Replace the queue scale slider with a number input and a submit button. Aside from how difficult it was to scale accurately with a slider, it would fire erroneous update events due to DOM changes.