The filter bar supports advanced syntax to whittle down jobs based on multiple fields. All searches require a qualifier to narrow criteria for fast queries. While the exact-match qualifier syntax is more restrictive than full text searching, it is vastly faster in most situations and always indexable.

Query Limits

To minimize load, only the most recent 100k jobs are searched (approximately, across all states). Use the Oban.Web.Resolver.jobs_query_limit/1 callback to configure a different general or per state limit, or disable limiting entirely.


Qualifiers are used to target a specific Oban.Job field. The available qualifiers are:

args.a key or value in
meta.a kye or value in metameta.batch_id:123
nodes:host namenodes:worker@somehost
priorities:number from 0 to 3priorities:1
queues:queue namequeues:default
tags:tag nametags:super,duper
workersworker module nameworkers:MyApp.Worker

Nested Args/Meta Paths

The structured jsonb fields, args and meta, require searching in a path specified with a "dot" syntax. For example:

  • meta.worker_id:123
  • meta.batch_callback_args.some_id:123

To aid in path construction and value matching the filter combobox will suggest paths after a . and values at that path after a :.

Multiple Values

Comma separation doesn't work for args or meta filters. That's because they use a highly optimized containment query which doesn't support multiple values.

Quoted Searches

If your search query contains whitespace or punctuation you need to surround it with quotation marks. For example:

  •"New York City"

In practice this isn't much of an issue because only args or meta may contain whitespace anyhow.

You can't use the following characters as part of your search query:

, : ; / \ ' = * ! ? # $ & + ^ | ~ < > ( ) { } [ ]

The search will strip these symbols and ignore them.

Suggestion Caching

Suggestions are lazily fetched and cached for subsequent lookups. By default, suggestion queries are limited to the most recent 10k jobs to minimize database load. You can change the limit with the Oban.Web.Resolver.hint_query_limit/1 callback in a custom resolver.

Cached items are purged after a fixed 5 minute period, which isn't configurable.