Oban Releases

Pro v0.4.0


  • [Oban.Pro.Plugins.DynamicCron] The DynamicCron plugin is a replacement for Oban’s built in cron scheduler. It supports adding, updating, deleting, pausing and resuming periodic jobs at runtime and boot time. It is an ideal solution for applications that must dynamically start and manage scheduled tasks at runtime.

    See the DynamicCron installation docs for instructions on getting started.

  • [Oban.Pro.Plugins.Lifeline] Add :retry_exhausted option, which will retry exhausted jobs rather than discard them while rescuing.

Breaking Change

  • Emit standardized [:oban, :plugin, :start | :stop | :exception] events for all plugins. Previously, each plugin would emit its own event, which required extensive :telemetry.attach_many calls. Now all plugins have a standard event name with differentiated metatada, including a :plugin key with the module name responsible for emitting the event.

    To upgrade replace any events that used :prune, :lifeline or :reprioritizer with :plugin. For example, [:oban, :prune, :start] is now [:oban, :plugin, :start] with the metadata %{plugin: DynamicPruner}.

Pro v0.4.1


  • Upgrade Oban dependency to ~> 2.2.0 along with fixes for the move to Oban.Registry and Oban.Repo.

Pro v0.4.2

  • [Oban.Pro.Plugins.DynamicPruner] Always delete oldest job when pruning in max_len mode. In max_len mode, when job insertion exceeded job pruning the oldest jobs would persist between prunes.